Compliments of the Chef

Culinary Q&A

For more menu planning advice, we turned to our culinary team for their thoughts…

  • What is your best advice for planning a menu for a large group of people?
    This is your special day to share and experience with your family and friends; whatever you can imagine or dream of, go for it. You get to be as creative as you want on this day, so indulge! The options are endless for your menu. Add that extra cocktail station or exit station. If you love short ribs, get the short ribs - not everyone “needs” filet of beef. The menu you pick will have the variety and options to satisfy your guests, but most importantly it needs to satisfy you!
  • What are some fun takeaways I can send home with my guests?
    After a long day of celebrating with your family and friends, what better way to thank them all for coming and sharing this special day than by giving them some tasty treats towards the end of the night or on their way out the door? A late-night taco bar or wing station to get your hands messy! As a goodbye, warm soft pretzels, freshly popped popcorn, warm cider & donuts, or a few ice cream truck favorites for the journey home. Whatever you decide, they will thank you for it!
  • What foods will be sure to WOW my guests?
    Give them something unexpected! Everyone that comes to a wedding looks forward to the butler passed hors d’oeuvres at the cocktail reception, but what about flooding the dance floor late night with sweet and savory bites for your guests to enjoy? Who can say no to cheesecake lollipops, chicken & waffle bites, French macaroons or mini deep-dish pizzas when they go passing by?
  • Which station are you are most excited about?
    The station that I am most excited about by far is the New England Station. Growing up and visiting Maine as a child, I have a real soft spot for lobster rolls. Whether you’re a purist who loves the classic butter poached lobster or you prefer the mayo based lobster salad, this station has you covered! Throwing in a few “Chowdahs,” Old bay chicken casserole and a lavish New England clam bake is a sure-fire way to leave your guests talking. You can’t go wrong with this station!